six month baby food

Many people bypass baby food altogether and make their own, often altering table foods to serve the baby. You do need to be careful in the table foods that you serve. At six months your son's repertoire of foods can't be too large. Therefore, you need to be sure you don't inadvertently introduce more than one new food at a time by, for example, offering him some of the casserole that contains several foods that he may not have seen before. If he had an adverse reaction to the casserole, you wouldn't be able to pinpoint the culprit food.

Be sure you alter the texture, so that it is easily gummed and swallowed. Baby food in a jar is pureed to accommodate the developmental stage of a baby's ability to chew and swallow. Be highly sensitive to that when you smash table food, to be sure that it is not too thick or too chewy, or too hard.

Do a little taste test yourself to see if you can gum it and swallow it easily.

Your son is most likely not at the stage where he mimics the up and down and side to side chewing motion of an adult. Until he does, you will want to be sure all his foods are soft cooked and mashed.

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