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Post-Pregnancy Nutrition food
The day is finally here! After fussing over what you eat, censoring menus, and doing without some of your favorites for nine months (or more), you’re finally free!! Now you can eat whatever and whenever you please…right?

As you have probably already guessed, unfortunately, the answer to that question is “No.”

Even if you’re not breastfeeding, you’ll still be “eating for two” in many ways. Nursing moms need to monitor their menus and watch for changes in their baby’s behavior.

And both nursing and formula-feeding moms are going to need plenty of energy, strength, stamina, alertness, endurance, and drive over the coming months. That means loading up on nutrients and eating a well-balanced diet.

Baby care

our Newborn Baby’s One by One Steps Every baby looks different, and all of them are beautiful. But most babies have some physical idiosyncrasies right after birth. Here’s what to expect.

Your baby’s head is probably large compared to the rest of his body. (His head may also have a bump or two from labor or from help he received during birth.
His eyes may be bloodshot and eyelids swollen. He may also occasionally cross his
eyes in the first weeks.
His skin may be dry and flaky with a rash or
Baby care
Baby boy and girl breast tissue may be swollen due to your hormones which still remain in his body. Take lots of pictures! Your baby’s look will change quickly in the first week.
Baby Sensory Motor Development: Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic From the moment your baby enters this world, he’s learning. It’s good to keep in mind that he’s lived nine months in a dark, warm, and cozy womb and is now in the bright open space of the big world.
His senses are being bombarded. Is it any wonder that he’s so unpredictable during the first month? Through His Eyes:
How Your Baby Sees He stares at objects, but doesn’t reach for them, and sees best within 12 inches of his face.

Baby care and food ,Baby massage

six-teaspoon petroleum jelly, two-teaspoon glycerin and two-teaspoon lemon juice. Apply this moisturizing lotion at least twice a week if you have dry and flaky, arms and legs

and grate a cucumber. Squeeze the juice to this, mix half-a-teaspoon glycerin and half-a-teaspoon rose water. Apply this on sunburns, leave it for some time.
If you have cracked heels, melt paraffin wax; mix it with little mustard oil and apply on the affected area. Leave it overnight. After 10 or 15 days, your heels will become smooth.

Massage your body with a mixture of coconut oil and any of your favourite scented oils like lavender or rosemary.

For rough palms, use a mixture of glycerin and limejuice in equal proportion.

Babyfood recipes
Vegetable baby food recipes
* 1/2 cup quinoa
* 1 cups water or vegetable stock from the cooked vegetables
* 1/4 cup red lentils
* Broccoli, cauliflower or any other vegetable your baby likes
* 1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh herbs
* Butter (optional)
* Grated cheese (optional)

Cook the vegetables until soft, drain (but keep the stock), keep warm on one side. Use the stock to cook the quinoa together with the red lentils until soft and the water is completely absorbed. Add a bit of water if needed. Stir occasionally.
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