4 to 6 month baby food

Cereals: Cereals, like, rice, barley, oats can be given to the baby in paste form or mixed with the water of legume porridge. You can also try to feed him rice or oats cereal mixed with breast milk, water or formula.

Fruits: Apples, bananas, pears, avocado are the fruits that can be given to the baby. Banana can be smashed easily, however, apples, pears and avocado has to be processed in the food processor along with milk, to make milkshakes of the fruits. Preferably, filter the shakes to so that no big pieces of the fruits are accidentally fed to the baby.

Vegetables: Potato or parsnip, cauliflower, carrot, acorn squash, sweet potato, green peas, broccoli, butternut squash. Boil these vegetables and smash them to make a soft paste. Do not add any spices, salt or sugar to it.

Crying is the only way for a four month old baby to indicate that his stomach is upset. Generally, many mothers prefer to give Gripe Water to their babies after meals to prevent these stomach upsets. Gripe water is an European remedy that always works for gas problems or any other stomach related irregularities.

Gripe water is nothing but herbs-fortified water. These herbs are proven to help calm the stomach and even the intestines. For a baby aged 4 months, one teaspoon of Gripe water, 2-3 times a day is recommended. If the baby continues to feel distressed, it is better to consult the baby's doctor immediately.


Iron Calcium vitamins and minerals for mother and baby

The increased need for iron during pregnancy is especially great. Iron is needed to deliver the oxygen required by your baby as it grows.

Foods must be chosen carefully to meet this need. Protein foods, dried beans and peas, and some dried fruit, whole grains, and fortified cereals all contribute iron. It is also important to eat a vitamin C-containing food at each meal. This helps your body use the iron.

Calcium is vitally important for bones and teeth for both you and the baby during pregnancy as well as in the years to come.

Calcium and iron are nutrients that will be stolen from your body if they are inadequate in your diet to meet the needs of pregnancy. Be sure you include a good supply of these important nutrients.