baby nutrition: baby food tips

Weaning is a major milestone for your baby, but don't start him on baby food and solids too soon, as his immature digestive system won't be able to cope. The Department of Health recommends delaying the introduction of solid foods until at least 6 months.
Here’s the latest guidance from the Department of Health on when to start trying baby food: Baby can sit up shows interest in solid food picks up food and puts it in his or her mouth wants to chew and may have teeth appears to still be hungry even though you’ve tried increasing milk feeds. Solid foods would not be introduced before the end of baby’s fourth month (at 17 weeks). If you decide to introduce your baby to solid food before six months, there are many foods which should be avoided. These include foods which contain wheat, gluten, eggs, fish, shellfish, liver, citrus fruits, soft and unpasteurized cheeses.
The Department of Health stresses mums should ask health visitors for advice if planning to start weaning before six months, particularly if baby was premature.
Remember that milk is a food, not a drink, so once your baby is on solids he'll need extra fluids to drink. Cooled freshly boiled water is best although you can add a few drops of pure, unsweetened fruit juice, such as apple (not citrus). Don't give him fruit squashes.

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