Brest Milk – Best for kids’ Brain

Which milk is most beneficial and valuable? Many may think of cow milk or goat milk. Wrong. The best milk is breast milk which is beneficial especially for young babies. Breast milk contains essential ingredients for growth and development of babies. Breast feeding means mothers can spend more time with their babies strengthening the deep ties between them. Breast milk makes babies strong and healthy both mentally and physically. Babies who are fed with breast milk are lively and playful with strong immune system. They are intelligent and their development on language are faster than children who are not fed with breast milk.
Breast milk is considered a large capital for baby's brain development. Nature has allocated cow milk for its calves; goat milk for baby goats and breast milk is for human babies.

Breast milk contains essential fat which will coat the baby nerves in the brain encouraging a network that helps baby to response effectively to stimulant. Protein in breast milk will further reduce allergy. Nutrients in breast milk will decrease a chance for baby against infections. Babies are strong and healthy without any chances to get very sick. All these benefits are not found in animal's milk.

Exercise during pregnancy prepared me for a sound delivery. However, I was worried as I did not have enough breast milk. I ate anything that support production of breast milk: - our Thai vegetable soup ( chicken with ginger. I drank 4.5-5 litres of clean water. After 2 weeks, my breast milk was normal. I did everything for my child so that he would be breast fed. I want to give him the best of everything. I know how beneficial breast milk is for babies. I have spent a lot of time with my baby. We have had a very strong connection. He was always in good mood. His eyes sparkle. He could develop very well especially with language. My baby is intelligent and sharp".

Any mothers who are pregnant or are still giving powdered milk or cow milk to your babies, may be this is the time to pay attention to this natural behaviour. It is most possible the next "Genius", may be very near you-your very own child.

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