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Baby Growth Chart
Baby food can be food other then breast milk. It generally comes in different varieties and tastes. It can be produced by manufacturers or may be a normal food what we eat in our day to day life. The common thing about the baby food is that it is generally in the liquid form or in a form which is easily chewed and digested by the baby. Parents take good are about their babies in most aspects of their lives like their education, clothing and all their daily requirements. But one aspect which is unknowingly ignored is their food and food habits.

During the initial stages of child he needs proper food care in order to be developed physically and mentally. The balanced diet becomes key factor in determining his/her health. Parents take a proper care of child but certain things are overlooked regarding their food habits.

Baby food available in markets contains additional fillers, sweeteners and other ingredients which are inappropriate for baby’s diet. They are present to add some artificial flavors to the food product. Nutritionally they do not contribute anything to baby’s health. Self preparation of food is far better then readily available food as it gives the exact amount of nutrition to your baby. Preparing baby’s food at home keeps the exact track of intake the baby does and the proper growth chart can also be maintained. Giving a baby an orange juice which is freshly prepared at home will be more appealing to you as you know the goodness it has against the juice which is available in market. Other factor is hygiene. You don’t know what level of hygiene has been maintained even by international company that produces a particular product.
Baby food chart,
Preparing baby food at home is quite easy and fun. You just require some proper instruments and you can make baby food in no time. Some fresh fruits blended with a blender and a fresh fruit juice is ready for your little one. Also some items are frozen and kept and can be consumed as and when required. Apart from fun, preparing baby food at home is also proves to be cheaper. Food made at home is much tastier then any other food product available in the market. Your baby deserves delicious and tasty food prepared by you. If baby eats at home you can avoid his fuss about the food he wants to eat in later part of his life. Avoid microwave heated food to baby as it may cause uneven heating of food. Food little warmer than room temperature is better for your baby. Some nutritionists think that freezing cooked ripe produce is much healthier then under ripe produce.
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Thank you for sharing Baby Diet Chart for growing babies except mothers milk there are another supplements required.