You should know all baby tips

Hi you have new born baby should know all the tips.
Baby care is actually pleasurable but creates stress too among new parents. When you have a new born baby, it is obvious that you will have a tight time. You have to take proper care for the baby and you need to do your household chores too. You might have already heard a lot of tips for baby care, but you should understand that your baby is unique and you have to find out what works best for your baby.

1. Breastfeeding is very essential for a newborn. If for some reasons, you are not able to feed your baby you can go for bottle feeding. After every feed, you have to burp the baby. This ensures that the baby doesn't get gas since newborns are prone to get gas faster.
2. If your baby is more than a few weeks old and you want to get back to work, you cannot expect your baby to forget about breastfeeding. If you know that you will leave your child with a nurse, you need to make your baby accustomed to bottle feeding much before leaving your baby under the care of a nurse.
3. Many moms feel that bottle feeding prevents them from feeding the baby with breast milk. But this is not true. There are breast pumps and you can use them to store your milk for bottle feeding.
4. When you feed the baby with bottle, be cautious that you don't let the baby sleep with the bottle in his or her mouth, especially, when your baby has developed teeth, this practice will create cavities leading to dental problems.

5. Until your child starts moving and getting dirty, a bath two or three times per week is sufficient. However, you have to give sponge bath every time you change the diaper. Leaving the baby with dirty diapers invites infections and you need to avoid this completely.

6. While you take the baby for bath, keep everything including towel, soap and shampoo ready. Never leave your baby alone in the tub even for a minute. Also when you bathe the baby, close the ears with towel or covers so that water doesn't enter his or her ears.

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