Protect your baby -Weather

When you are in the move with your small baby you always feel insecure about your baby’s slipping problem. But when you use this all weather protection cover you should feel easy to handle and tension free. It also protects your baby from cold keeps your baby warm and protects from rain because it is waterproof.
Protect your baby
It is a all-weather protection kit for baby care, it does not give any disturbance to the baby, and, due to its quality of itself fastens and not require any carrier, this Carri cover baby carrier cover is easy to use on almost on the all the leading brands as the , Baby Bjorn, Mother care, Boots and all brands of baby slings. It is 100% waterproof and has a fleece-line. It is made as Reversible covering. When you do not use it as a baby carrier you can use it as an outdoor suit. It is Fold able so easy to carry. It comes in black colour. It can Fits up to 9 months.

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