Six month baby food

Baby care-Baby food(home made baby food)

Nutrition baby food ( six months to 10 months)


Ground nuts( sprouts) or pea nuts : 100 grams

Raggi(sprouts) : 250 grams

Green grams(sprouts) : 250 grams

Rice : 100 grams

Jowar : 100 grams

Toor dal : 100 grams


sprouts become dry(sun shed)

1)Fry all the ingredient each at a time till it turn into a golden colour. Once it cooled then put all items into grinder jar make them as powder.

Once powder is prepared store them in a container. Each time when you feed the child take around 2-3 table spoons of powder, add 100 ml boiled water keep stir around 2-3 minutes and add sugar or salt. Feed the child the semi-liquid.

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