Hou to take care about your baby food

You may like to replace breast milk or formula milk with whole milk, when the child is one year old. Low fat or skim milk is not good for children as they need fat for grow .
Your child should be given fruits, vegetables, breads, grains, and the dairy products to ensure all nutrients. Give to eat them 4-5 times throughout the day, because toddlers and small children can not eat much at a time.
Follow the principles of the Food Guide Pyramid, portions and number of servings are less for children.
Opened baby food containers should be covered and stored in a refrigerator for not more than two days.Give only one new food at a time and watch for any allergic reactions.Avoid foods such as nuts, popcorn, potato chips, corn, grapes, raisins, etc. These foods may choke the baby
Do not give sweets or sweetened beverages as they contribute to tooth decay.
Do not give soft drinks, coffee, tea, and chocolate.
A child´s diet may be deficient in calcium, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and frolic acid. Healthy children should get all their nutrients from foods. Standard pediatric multi-vitamins may be given if your pediatrician recommends it.
Do not feed solids in a bottle.
Avoid giving bottle with milk or fruit juice to the baby lying in bed. This can develop nursing bottle mouth that may result in tooth decay.

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