Baby care-Baby teeth care

When your baby is only two months old, you should keep her gums healthy and clean. Gently wipe her gums with a wet, clean, soft cloth every day. The most important thing to remember is never to put your baby to bed with a bottle. In addition, never prop up the bottle at any time.
Any kind of drink except water can cause a baby's teeth to decay, even breast milk and infant formula. Other liquids that cause powdered fruit drinks, soda and juice. Any drink that contains sugar can cause tooth decay when your baby gets older.
A two-month-old baby should drink only breast milk, formula or water.
Here are some tips to follow to protect your baby's teeth:
Always hold your baby during feedings. Do not prop up the bottle or leave a bottle in your baby's bed.
If your baby needs a pacifier at bedtime, make sure it is clean and dry. Do not dip the pacifier in honey or sweet liquids. Your baby might like the sweet taste, but these liquids will cause tooth decay when her teeth come in. Germs in honey can also make a baby sick.

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