Baby care-Vitamins

Vitamin supplements containing vitamins A and D are recommended from 6 months for babies receiving breast milk as their main milk drink. Babies fed an infant milk or follow-on milk do not need vitamin supplements if they take more than 500ml/day, but if their intake is less than this they will need to have vitamin drops too. If you think your baby may need vitamin supplementation, vitamin drops are available from your health visitor, doctor or clinic and are free to those in day, and this should be given on a spoon and not added to bottle feeds. You should not give any other vitamin and mineral supplements unless they are medically indicated.This are all Vitamins links to baby health.


Precious Leonna said...

For me the best thing that make your baby healthy is giving them breast milk. It is more powerful than any vitamin you give.

Sadie said...

Vitamins are essential at every stage of life. I too take some antioxidants & herbal supplements from Vitamin World.