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Since skin is the largest organ in the body, touch is extremely important. The following preparation and useful techniques can assist you in giving your precious baby a spa experience!
How to start
You will need: 2 soft towels, a clean diaper, natural baby massage oil & little baby! Begin the baby massage when you and your baby are in a relaxed, calm state. The best time is usually before your baby’s bath, at least a half hour after the baby has eaten. Sit comfortably on the floor with the soles of your feet together and form a diamond shape with your legs.

 Be sure to select a place without drafts and make sure the room temperature is a warm 78 degrees. Then drape a soft towel over your lap. Undress your baby, just leaving on a clean diaper and rest your baby on the towel over your legs so your baby will feel comfortable and secure. Cradle your baby’s head with your feet. 
Then put some baby massage oil on your clean hands and rub them together so they will be soft and warm before you start. Your baby will not be happy if he or she receives a massage from cold hands! Then using massage oil for baby, begin with long gentle strokes from your baby's head to his or her toes. If you find that your baby responds well to the massage, proceed to gently massage your baby’s body section by section. If your baby does not cooperate, simply massage him or her at another time.
While you massage your baby you may want to softly talk, hum, sing and/or play healing meditation music during the massage. To further bond with your baby, give your little one eye to eye contact during the baby massage.


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