Introducing Solids

Around six months of age, is the recommended time to start introducing solid foods to your baby. You can begin at four months, but it is generally believed that this increases the risk of your child developing food allergies
. Waiting that little bit longer gives a baby that little bit of extra protection, as its digestive system has had a little more time to develop.

When the time is right to start your baby on solids, start introducing well-chosen, healthy babyfood, one at a time. Certain foods are not suitable at this stage and should be avoided

Healthy Babyfood is Simple, Pure and Natural
In general, the food you give to a baby should be as natural and unprocessed as possible. Choosing organic food for your baby is hugely beneficial to a baby's health. This is because your baby has a less developed blood-barrier system to protect it from food chemicals. And, a baby's body, being smaller than an adult's, gets a proportionately higher dose of whatever chemicals are present in food. The so-called 'safe levels' of agri-chemicals have been tested as safe for adults, not for babies, or children.

Also, a baby has all of its physical development to go through until it reaches adult maturity. This entire developmental process comes under the influence of whatever chemicals a baby consumes in food.

Chemicals used in food are poisons. Many of them are known cancer-causing compounds. They are permitted in food because they are in very low concentrations. But logic dictates that if you eat a poison, while you may not eat enough to kill yourself, or make yourself sick, it cetainly is not going to be good for you. Over time, continued, low-level exposure to toxic substances will take their toll on your health. The longer you can hold-off exposing your baby to these chemicals, the more beneficial it will be. The less chemicals that are present, the healthier your babyfood is going to be. Everything that applies to food for children and adults, also applies to babyfood. Pure, unprocessed, natural food is what is best to feed a baby. Before a baby is ready to eat solid food, this means breastmilk, which is such a perfect, complete meal for a baby that it should really be called 'breastfood', or 'motherfood'.

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