Everything You Need to Know About Feeding Your Baby

The Super Baby Food Book contains all the information you'll need to:

* Know when, how, and what to feed your baby and toddler.
* Know how to keep baby food safe.
* Take control of your baby’s nutrition
* Avoid harmful additives and preservatives
* If you would like, make your own baby food
Early days

* Breastfeeding
* Breastfeeding problem solver
* Bottlefeeding
* Mixing breast and bottle

Food worries

* Food intolerance and food allergy
* Fussy eaters
* Vegetarian babies
* Vegan babies
* Special diets

Weaning ways

* When to start on solids
* Weaning chart
* First foods from 6 months
* Feeding from 7 or 8 months
* Feeding from 12 months on
* Baby-led weaning
* Baby-led weaning recipes for 6 months and 8 months
* Gill Rapley's baby-led weaning video
Nutritional help
* Vitamin supplements
* Mineral guide
* Organic baby foods tried and tested
* Organic recipes
* Recipes for baby
More on food
* Organic baby food on test
* Small bites: food info, issues and recipes
* Find a recipe
* Baby-led weaning recipes : Breakfasts| savouries | puds
* Baby to adult: how to make the food transition
* Good eating habits start young, says food writer Fran Warde
* Drink up! Tips and ideas to keep baby hydrated

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