Teeth brushing and care -Baby

Teeth brushing and care

As soon as your baby has teeth, they’re going to need care and attention to keep them in good condition. Well cared for milk teeth play an important role in determining the health of permanent teeth, so it’s vital to look after that first set of twenty baby teeth.

Make brushing more fun

It’s natural for your baby to want to resist having his teeth brushed. To make it more enjoyable for you both, try cleaning your teeth first to show him that it’s something normal. Use a colourful brand of toothpaste and a novelty toothbrush if it helps.

If you’re in front of a bathroom mirror, try and get your baby interested in their reflection to keep him entertained. You can also try cradling your baby in your arms to make it easier for you to reach to his teeth and create a more comfortable experience for you both

Your baby may be experiencing growth spurts at this time and will demand more frequent feeding. This is when you’ll be thinking about starting solids. Everyone from your mum, to your friends and family, will have an opinion – which is why we’ll give you straightforward advice from our experienced nutritionists.

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