Baby food chart 4to10 months

Precautions to be taken while feeding solid food to your four month old baby for the first time.

* First and foremost, whatever you feed the baby, make sure to follow a strict timetable for his meals. By this, you are setting a routine for the baby's appetite from an early age.
* Before starting any solid food, consult your doctor and get a baby food specifications chart done for him.
* Maintain a balance in the baby food diet and in the amount of nutrients, so that your baby neither lacks any nutrients nor gets an overdose of any one nutrient.
* If you are feeding a new solid food item to the baby, feed him only 3-4 spoons initially. If he can digest that item without vomiting it out or without causing any stomach disturbance, you may continue with that food
* Make the baby sit while feeding him. A four month baby can be held in the lap or can sit in a baby chair, with some support. Sitting position will help him digest his food faster and better.
* Use a small spoon to feed the baby and feed him tiny morsels.
* If the food is made warm, you should taste it before feeding it to him, to avoid burning the baby's mouth.
* Maintain a happy and playful environment during the meal.
* Do not make the baby lie down immediately after the meal.
* Make the baby taste a new food item during his meal time, before he drinks his milk so that the baby is not very tired or hungry.
* Homemade baby food is more safe, however, if you are feeding canned food to the baby, check the expiry date as well as the ingredients and avoid food containing 'added salt' or 'added sugar'.
* Do not feed directly from the jar. Remove a small amount of food on a clean dish and place it in front of the baby. This may encourage the baby to finish the meal since he is watching the others at the table finishing their own dishes.

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