Six monnths baby care and food

Most pediatricians recommend starting your baby with an iron-fortified rice cereal. Rice cereal is easy to digest and mixes easily with breast milk or formula.

Most rice cereals provide the recommended daily amount of iron for your baby.

Some cereals have added fruit such as apples and bananas which sweeten the cereal.

Most babies prefer the sweetened rice cereal, but flavored and mixed cereals are considered an intermediate cereal.

Intermediate cereals should only be introduced once your baby has adjusted to beginner cereals.

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Ed Pudol said...

Based on our experience rice cereals are the best food for your 6+ month old baby. Combined with breast feeding I am sure baby will grow health.

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Natural Remedies said...

Thanks for discussing this but I think you should feed breast milk as long as possible.It is the best option for every baby,toddler,infant.

best baby steriliser said...

Once you started feeding rice cereals to your 6 month old baby and up, be sure that you are also giving your baby fruits that are rich in fiber to normalize and improve your baby's digestion... and also, continue his/her breastfeed session coz this is one great source of his/her nutrition...

Baby Care Tips said...

Breast milk is especially to nourish your baby in the best way possible. No artificial formula will be able to give the same nourishment benefits to your baby. Hence, you should try to give your own milk by breastfeeding your baby at whatever time is possible to you. Though, sometimes due to diverse conditions, you may not be able to breastfeed your baby as much as you want. In these cases, you may want to think about supplementing breast milk for your baby.