Importent of breast milk

1Breast milk or iron-fortified infant formula is the only food a baby needs until 4-6 months of age. Breast milk is the best food for baby. However, iron-fortified infant formula also provides babies with all the nutrients they need to grow.

2 Be sure formula is prepared according to package directions. Mixing formula with too much or too little water can cause serious health problems and even death in young babies.

3 Avoid adding cereal to the baby's bottle. Adding cereal means the baby will not getting the formula needed. Cereal in a bottle can cause choking in young babies.
4 Avoid adding juice or other sweetened drinks to the bottle. Although babies like the sweet taste of juice and other beverages, these drinks fill them up and take the place of more nutritious breast milk or formula that babies need. Babies may be offered liquid from a cup between the ages of 6-8 months.
5 Avoid starting solid foods early. This may mean that the baby will not drink enough milk and not get the calcium, protein, and iron that are so important for growth. These nutrients are in the right amount in breast milk and iron-fortified formula.

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